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The direct way from your fingers to people's soul



Musical weapons made in Switzerland. 



Evertune is a life changing and truly revolutionary invention.

It's an all mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps your guitar in tune under any conditions. And yes, you can bend normally with EverTune.

No more fear and loathing of inevitable and constant tuning issues at shows and recording sessions.



No copy can duplicate the double-locking design of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System that allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the nut and at the bridge. The Floyd Rose Tremolo System is engineered like no other tremolo system. Its high quality steel parts are precision-made in Germany to exacting specifications.

The Floyd Rose Lo Pro Tremolo System that equips our guitars is a more low profile version of the Floyd Rose Original which features slightly narrower string spacing. Used by more professionals throughout the world than any other



All the guitars are handmade in Préverenges, Switzerland.

Environnement is very important, that's why most of our wood is local Swiss wood from the Jurassian forests. That way we diminish pollution due to transportation and deforestation .All wood used in the crafting of CEM Guitars is FSC certified.

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